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Our fishing trip to Panama was an ideal opportunity to fish with and test the Waiefu 2404H a travel rod for tropical fishing. Of course I wanted to know does it fish as good as it looks.
The traveling with a rod tube can be frustrating due to loses and damaging when the rod goes through customs and is also starting to get expensive because a lot of airlines are surcharging for long rod tubes.
After a few trips to Costa Rica I became very suspicious about traveling rods . We broke a few just fighting Roosters and most are not made for casting big lures or cast good at all.
The Waiefu 2404H is a 5 section rod weighs 530 grams with a total lengt of 240 cm,taken apart the rod measures 57.7 cm.
The butt consists of 2 parts (screw in)with an aluminium reel seat and Fuji guides. For kayakfishing 240 cm is a bit long but in the 6 days of hardcore kayak fishing it didnt bother me . Popping from a kayak is very demanding and requires long casts but even in strong winds it performed very well.
It has a perfect action to fish with surface lures like poppers and has no problem fighting big fish and more important it casts really good. I fished 6 days with lures weighting from 35 to 100 grams and in this weight range it performed supurb.
You never have the feeling that you are fishing with a multi-section rod and if your traveling and need a reliable travel rod the Waiefu 2404 H is a rod to consider.

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